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Kids' Bug Protection

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  • The Children's Bug Shirt - Sandstone

    The Original Bug Shirt Co The Children's Bug Shirt - Sandstone

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    FREE SHIPPING with this product. The Original Bug Shirt® is available in two children’s sizes. They do not have the zippered pocket on the front, but do have an adjustable cord at the back of the hood to allow for a variety of head sizes, as well as the double slider zipper at the top of the face mesh, just like the Elite Edition adult style. The small child size is designed for average build kids between about 18 months and 4 or 5 years, and has a knit cuff at the wrist. The large child size is designed for average build kids between the ages of 4 or 5 and 8 or 9 years, and has an adjustable elastic cord threaded through the fabric wrist band. See the sizing chart for more accurate sizing details. Size Chart Size YourChest/Hips YourSleeveLength YourHeight –up to: Kid’s Age WeightOriginalStyle WeightEliteEdition Small Child (SC) 22-26”56-66 cm 17-20”43-51 cm 3’8”112 cm 18 monthsto 4-5 years 148g5.2oz Large Child (LC) 24-30”61-76 cm 20-26”51-66 cm 4’10”147 cm 4-5 yearsto 8-9 years 202g7.11oz X Small Adult (XS)– Elite Edition only 28-32”71-81 cm 24-27”61-69 cm 5’2”157 cm 274g9.64oz Small Adult (SA) 32-36”81-91 cm 27-30”69-76 cm 5’5”165 cm 262g9.22oz 296g10.42oz Medium Adult (MA) 36-40”91-102 cm 29-32”74-81 cm 5’9”175 cm 276g9.72oz 318g11.19oz Large Adult (LA) 40-44”102-112 cm 31-34”79-86 cm 5’11”181 cm 298g10.49oz 332g11.69oz X-Large Adult (XL) 44-48”112-122 cm 33-36”84-91 cm 6’3”191 cm 326g11.48oz 364g12.81oz XX-Large Adult (XX) 48-54”122-137 cm 35-38”89-97 cm 6’5”196 cm 350g12.32oz 388g13.66oz XXX-Large Adult (3X)– Elite Edition only 54-66”137-168 cm 35-38”89-97 cm 6’5”196 cm 402g14.15oz

    3 in stock



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