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Bug Protection

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  • All Family 7% Deet Wipes

    Cutter All Family 7% Deet Wipes

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    Protection from mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, gnats, chiggers, and fleas. Not greasy or oily. Cooling, clean scent. Great for the entire family. Contains 7% deet.

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  • Natrapel Repellent Wipes 12pk

    Natrapel Natrapel Repellent Wipes 12pk

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    Enjoy portable, convenient insect protection with individually-wrapped Natrapel Picaridin insect repellent wipes. Perfect for hiking, fishing, or evenings in the backyard, these bug repellent wipes repel mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting insects for up to 12 hours and are easy to apply on the whole family.

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  • Ben's 30% Deet Wipes, 4-pack

    Ben''s Ben's 30% Deet Wipes, 4-pack

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    Ben’s 30 Tick & Insect Repellent Wipes provide the ultimate protection for the entire family. These 30% DEET wipes are proven to repel disease-carrying insects, including ticks and mosquitoes that may carry Lyme disease, Zika virus, West Nile virus, and dengue fever. The individually wrapped wipes let you control application, perfect for use on your face and neck. The water-based formula is alcohol-free and designed to evaporate slowly, so the bug spray stays on longer with little absorption into the skin. Ben’s® bug repellent wipes offer convenient, rugged protection you can count on. SKU 374175

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  • Last stock! Compact Mosquito Head Net

    Coghlan's Compact Mosquito Head Net

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    This mosquito head net is made of soft polyester netting and fits into a stuff sack for easy transportation. Made of 220 holes per sq. inch mesh that is easy to see through and keeps mosquitoes and other insects out. SKU 381324

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  • Last stock! Mesh Bug Net

    Wilcor Mesh Bug Net

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    Keep bugs away! Nylon mesh works great over baseball caps to keep the netting & bugs away from your face.

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  • Ben's InvisiNet

    Ben''s Ben's InvisiNet

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    InvisiNet is so sheer that even the mosquitoes won’t see it coming! Sit back and savor the scenery while keeping the pesky bugs away. Ben’s InvisiNet is the perfect complement to a bottle of Ben’s Tick and Insect repellent and at only 0.96 ounces, it’s easy to pack on every trip. SKU 371937

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  • Pro-Tick Remedy Remover Kit

    PROTICK Pro-Tick Remedy Remover Kit

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    Tick remover kit includes university tested (OSU) and recommended Pro-Tick Remedy, 5X magnifier, tick ID card, detachable bead chain and comprehensive color tick information booklet. The proven design has no moving parts, made and assembled of steel in USA and lifetime guarantee. Compact fits easily in wallet, pack & first-aid kit. SKU 356200

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  • EZ Removal Tick Kit

    Potty Packs EZ Removal Tick Kit

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    This Tick Kit is an easy removal kit. Included are a tick removal tool and a storage bag. Keep the tick in the bag in case of symptoms. Insect repellent to avoid getting attacked by ticks. After removing the tick use the antiseptic wipe to sterilize the wound and then use the Bandage. It includes: insect repellent, a tick removal tool, an antiseptic wipe, a bandage, and a tick storage bag. SKU 600406

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  • Mosquito Net

    Coghlan's Mosquito Net

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    Rectangular shape fits over cot or sleeping bag. Fine mesh polyester provides protection from insects. Suspends with poles or rope (not included) utilizing six reinforced tie tabs at corners and sides. Size: 32" W x 78" L x 58" H. SKU 159310

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  • Deerfly Patches

    Tred Not Deerfly Patches

    Stop Deerflies. Wear the Patch! Deerfly Patches are odorless hat strips that stop deerflies from biting! Prevents biting better than a spray repellent Natural, no chemicals, no odor Safe with children Available in 4 packs or 12 packs Easily attach the 2" by 6" patches to the back of your hat or cap. Attacking deer flies will land on the patch. When they do, they stay, and bother you no more. About Deer Flies Deer flies are a type of horse fly that target the head and neck of its victims, both animal and human, leaving a painful bite to which many are allergic. They are active in the summer months in northern USA and Canada. Deer flies cannot be deterred or repelled. There is no repellant to defend yourselves against them. They will not relent until they get what they are after - blood. There is only one solution: get them before they get you! Deer flies are also known as: Marsh Flies Sheep Flies Yellow Flies Pine Flies Strawberry Flies May Flies Greenheads

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