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  • Portable 5lb Propane Tank LP Cylinder with OPD & Gauge

    Flame King Portable 5lb Propane Tank LP Cylinder with OPD & Gauge

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    NEVER RUN OUT OF PROPANE: Our built-in gas meter gauge provides accurate gas level readings EMPTY TANK: Pre-purged vacuum ready for filling with propane; built from high-grade welded steel and powder coated for rust prevention OVERFILL PREVENTION DEVICE: Comes with an OPD valve to prevent overfilling SAFETY: X-ray and hydrostatic tested and DOT and Transport Canada certified so you can be sure to transport safely both in the US and CA PORTABLE with easy to hold collar makes it a perfect buddy for camping, ice fishing, and other outdoor activities. Use this tank along with Flame King’s Propane Backpacks for easier transport. Check item numbers YSNBKPK-AF and YSNBKPK.  

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  • Fancy Heat 2.5 Hour Handy Fuel

    Fancyheat Corp Fancy Heat 2.5 Hour Handy Fuel

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    Ideal for keeping cooked food HOT for 2.5 hrs during home entertaining and catering events such as Thanksgiving, Holiday Gatherings, Graduation Parties, Reunions, Weddings and other entertaining events. Ignites immediately and consistently generates the maximum heat to keep food temperature in the safe serving zone Ideal for use in Sterno Wire Racks, Party Sets and Buffet Chafers

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  • Camp Heat, 2-Pack

    Coghlan's Camp Heat, 2-Pack

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    Camp Heat makes cooking or heating in camp, at home or during emergencies quick and easy. Fuel is odorless and produces non-toxic fumes.Approximately 4 hours burn time per can. Contains: 2 x 6.4 oz. (128 g) cans diethylene glycol.

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